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With 104 years of history, Votorantim S.A. (Votorantim) is a Brazilian family owned company with long term investments. Its portfolio companies operate in 16 countries in the building materials, finance, aluminium, clean and renewable energy, metals and mining, organge juice, long steel. real state, and infrastructure. GRI 102‑1 I 102‑2 | 102‑5 | 102‑6

Its includes the Center of Excellence (CoE), a hub for creating products and processes focused on data analytics, innovation, and technology, which consolidates the operations of the Shared Solutions, Real Estate Solutions, and Information Technology Skills Centers.

The holding company maintains Reservas Votorantim, a company focused on the management of environmental assets of the portfolio companies and supports their land and water resource conservation efforts. The organization also works in partnership with the Votorantim Institute, which supports the portfolio companies in the development of social and environmental strategies and fosters good social practices with a long-term vision.

In its headquarters in São Paulo, Votorantim has 73employees. Added to the teams of the Votorantim Institute, Reservas Votorantim, CoE, and portfolio companies, the company employs approximately 37,000people directly and 9,000 indirectly, in 522operating units. GRI 102-3


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A combination of the values of the shareholder family with the business culture of the portfolio companies, Votorantim’s values of integrity, collaboration, and courage (called V3) reflect the attributes that the company promotes internally and externally and the characteristics for which it wants to be recognized.

The visual representation of V3 is inspired by DNA: it represents what all portfolio companies and all people who are part of Votorantim have in common and establishes the Votorantim way of doing business and interacting with society.



#Doing the right thing
#Respect and ethics
#Valuing differences



#Shared value creation #Networks and connections
#Valuing people



#Building the future

Votorantim’s DNA

Votorantim has consolidated the practices it has followed for more than a century into a document informing and guiding the holding company’s and the portfolio company’s ways of being, acting, and managing. It consists of three blocks: values, the ways of being and doing things; management pillars, the ways the companies are managed; and governance principles, the ways the companies are governed. The document also has a specific chapter about the company’s Social DNA.

Social DNA

Votorantim’s Social DNA has four axes that guide the social and environmental initiatives of the portfolio companies to ensure that they can meet the expectations of the shareholders while leaving a positive legacy for current and future generations.These guiding principles include:

  • Finding solutions within and outside the company’s boundaries and business models to embed social and environmental aspects into the core business;
  • Connecting people, skills, goals and economic partners to advance sustainable
  • Building bridges with local communities and creating democratic spaces for discussion; and
  • Maintaining the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guide for Votorantim’s actions, scale of ambitions, and callings.
Votorantim’s Identity

The right time means never missing an opportunity.
Every day, we remember that today’s decisions impact future results and we must think fast and act in a structured, strategic and assertive manner.
We have an innovative mindset; we always look ahead. However, when looking to the future, we must be ready to question what is happening in the present. We must also be ready to respond to changes in the different sectors and countries where we operate.

For us, there is only one way of doing things: the right way. Our DNA carries a unique way of being and acting. We see
our companies, our employees and society through the lenses of ethics and respect. We have significant expertise in
investment and the knowledge we need to continuously
improve and perform more responsibly.

We have a clear commitment: to invest in the best of each of us to achieve the best for all, because we believe in the strength of people and their potential to
thrive. We are continuously moving forward toward what is
new. We positively influence our people through our inspiring leaders.